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Teaching Amidst The Neon Palm Trees
Comments From Readers

“What a terrific job you did in piecing together the late 1990s history of CCSN…. I learned a lot from your book.”
   - Natalie Patton, former education reporter,
     Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Teaching Amidst the
Neon Palm Trees

An exciting true story

Intrigue and Corruption
in Las Vegas.
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"Fantastic. Great expose."
   - Beryl Chong, reporter,
     Reno Gazette-Journal.

“It was a fabulous book.”
   - Edie Chiarappa, 
     Las Vegas, Nevada

“Neon is an excellent memoir and you should be very proud…. You are well on your way to securing folk hero status.”
   - J.C., 
     Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Everyone … should read it. It's an exciting thriller. It's incredibly funny…. Once you start reading, Teaching Amidst The Neon Palm Trees, it's hard to put down.”
      - Dr. Fred Conquest, 
        Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Your descriptions were colorful and humorous…. If I had a teacher like you, perhaps I might have been more interested in economics and political science.”
      - Sandy Kirk, 
        Blacklick, Ohio.

“I am a teacher coordinator of [an] elementary school in Surabaya, Indonesia. Tomorrow I am supposed to lead teachers' devotion and I got inspired with your story.” 
       - Yogi
         Surabaya, Indonesia

“You have given me the courage to try out [new] things… and put my own personality into the curriculum.”
       - Nicola Edwards, teacher
         Liverpool, England

“Your stories are soooo good…. Your students are very lucky to have you. I hope I get the chance to meet you someday.”
        - Poorna 
          Chennai, India

"Quite interesting… the feelings of not knowing what was going on, why things were happening, and the awful, awful politics … definitely rang a few bells…. Anyway thanks for being naive and brave and keep up your high standards."
      - Nina Judd, community college instructor,
Boulder, Colorado.

“What a story you tell! …I could identify with many parts of your book. I’ll definitely keep your engaging book in mind as I navigate the academic job market.”
      - Janice M. Traflet, Ph.D. Candidate, 
        Columbia University, New York

“Thank you so very much for that wonderful book. I truly enjoyed reading it.”
      - Betty Gray, 
        Modesto, California

“I felt as if I were experiencing … the whole ordeal myself.” 
      - Ryan Tobler, student, 
        University of Nevada, Las Vegas

“I thoroughly enjoyed it…. I could almost "hear" you telling the story. I'm glad that you wrote this story. I have worked for almost 30 years with various school districts through Federal and State grants, etc. I, too, have encountered some "truth is stranger than fiction" situations where there was a story that I wished I had written.. Kudos to you!!!!!! 
      - Linda Youngmayr, 
        Modesto, California

“I found your book by accident, and it seems that we have parallel worlds. I was a candidate for a board position on a large (40,000) Jr. College this year…. Your book provides a lot of insight as to what to look for and fix.”
      - Fred Blanton, 
        Houston, Texas

“Your book made great reading between Newark and Denver yesterday. What a strange tale.”
      - Indira Clark, 
        Waterford, California

“FANTASTIC!!! Good to see the truth being told and recorded for history. …I [sent a copy] to my mother, a career educator at Kansas Wesleyan University. So far, I've received one email that just says ‘WOW.’”
     - Kody Kearns, 
       Las Vegas, Nevada



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